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The Cat Empire

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24 de junho de 2016 05:28

On our way from Melbourne to Karratha for @beatsintheheat1. This is about as much time as you can spend on a plane without leaving Australia

The Cat Empire

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24 de junho de 2016 01:09

WIN the prop instruments used in the video for BULLS, signed by the band - enter

The Cat Empire are proudly in their 5th year as ambassadors
for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), an organisation in our home town whose values and actions we passionately support. With your help we are aiming to raise $10,000 for them to allocate to the important areas they are needed.

Filmed on Felix's family farm in country Victoria, the video clip for "Bulls" was a long hot day, with a great result that captures the high energy and color of the song.

Prizes in the raffle are a selection of the props featured in the video clip - all purposefully weathered, rusted, painted and dusted - and signed by all members of the band.

They include Harry's trumpet, Felix's mic, Jumps' records, and a selection of items from Will's drum kit.

Tickets: $5 each / or 5 tickets for $20


You’re probably aware by now that we are big supporters of the work the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre in Melbourne. Since 2001, the ASRC has assisted over 10,000 people seeking asylum in Australia, solely through the support of community financial and volunteer contributions. With over 30,000 people still in limbo with refugee claims in Australia, there is still many in our community that require vital assistance across a range of areas.

The ASRC delivers services and support to over
2000 asylum seekers in Melbourne at any one time, including food and material aid, health, housing and legal services, as well as casework and counselling support. The Centre doesn’t take any Federal Government funding – it relies on donations from individuals and organisations for 95 per cent of its funding. The support ASRC receives from the community means they can ensure asylum seekers receive the dignity, respect and compassion they deserve.

Read more information about the ASRC here:

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